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These first photos are in and around St. Mark's Square, my favorite haunt in Venice.  I spent several hours here, just sipping espresso at an outdoor cafe, and watching the world go by.  The impressive buildings are the Doge's palace at the waterfront entrance to the square, and St. Mark's Cathedral, which covers one side of the square.  You will also see the famous tower.  The ceiling artwork in one photo is inside the Doge's palace.  (The doges were the early rulers of Venice.)  Note the influence of Istanbul on the architecture.  

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The famous "Bridge of Sighs."  Prisoners being led from the court chambers to the jail had their last look at sunlight and freedom as they were led over this bridge between the buildings.  The jail has no windows.  (We toured it. It was depressing)

IT-Venice-Sighs.jpg (64658 bytes)  

Here is a photo inside the glass factory we visited, and some displays of Venetian glass.  The last picture is a porcelain.  I couldn't resist including it.

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And now, some street and waterfront scenes in Venice.   The last photo in the first row shows a water taxi.

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Houses, and goodies on display in store windows.  Also, a fancy gondola.

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Sadly, we had to leave Venice after our two-day stay in this beautiful city.  Some of the group wanted to spend another day here.  I know I did.  But we had to return to Rome for our flights home.  We stayed at a different hotel this time, the Claridge.

And so ended my second tour of Italy.  I hope you enjoyed these pages.



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