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Switzerland is a beautiful place.  Clean and tidy, with gorgeous mountains.  We headed through Zurich, and on to the "vacation center," Lucerne, which is built on the lake having the same name, and has easy access to ski areas on 7000 ft. Mt. Pilatus nearby.  We spent the next three nights at the  Grand Hotel Europe, giving everyone a good opportunity to wash clothing in our hotel bathrooms.  This hotel is still operating in Lucerne.  Here are my better pictures.  They show several tour members, followed by a famous 1821 monument carved in rock, depicting a dying Lion.  The monument commemorated the massacre of 700 Swiss guards who were hired to defend the French monarchy.  They died during the French Revolution, when the royal palace was stormed  There are also pictures of the waterfront and various buildings in the city.  We did a lake excursion one night, and you will see the entertainers.  

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Now, it is Day 16, and we head back into Germany, traveling up the Western border past the Rhine Falls and through the Black Forest to Heidelberg, then on to an overnight stay in Frankfurt-on-Main.  Here are some photos of the falls and Black Forest region.  The last picture is of the Schloss, a 13th-century castle in Heidelberg.   We toured the area on foot in 2002 and I have some close up photos of the castle area on my Germany 2002 pages. The last picture is from a postcard.  It shows the entire castle complex.

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After the brief stop in Heidelberg, we proceeded on to Frankfurt.  There was nothing to photograph in the Hotel Arebella area.  The hotel, which is still there, but now named the Sheraton Congress, is between the city and the airport, in the Arabella Center.  On Day 17, we traveled toward Cologne, taking the Rhine cruise along the way, just as on the 2002 tour. 


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In Cologne, I had to photograph the famous cathedral, of course.

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I swear there was a MacDonald's in the same location near the cathedral as in 2002.  I stopped there for lunch in 1977.  Pretty much the same menu as at home, except they served beer.  There was some tension in the city back then.  A German industrialist had been kidnapped by local terrorists, and some thought he was in the city.  Military people and police with automatic weapons were stationed all over the place, watching the crowds near the cathedral.  The poor fellow was later found somewhere else - murdered.

After the Cologne stop, we headed north into Holland.  Follow us there.