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It would be the largest observation wheel ever built (around 530 feet high) and the only cantilevered structure of its kind in the world. It would also be the largest structure ever hoisted into a vertical position in one operation. Over 1,700 people in five countries would be involved in building it.  It is the BA (British Airways) London Eye.  Although the Eye is often referred to as a Ferris Wheel, it isn't.  - for three reasons, firstly that its capsules are enclosed, secondly that they are positioned on the outside of the wheel and thirdly that the whole structure is supported by an A-Frame from one side only.  And here it is, as seen from Westminster Bridge, which I had to walk across to take my own ride.

800px-London_Eye_Jan_2006.jpg (116818 bytes) .

I paid about $21 for my ticket, which entitled me to ride for one complete revolution, about 30 minutes.  As you might expect, my photos from the London Eye are rather spectacular.


The second photo below shows Waterloo Train Station.  Picture 5 is my favorite - Parliament and the Clock Tower holding Big Ben.  You can see also the Westminster bridge, which I had to walk across.  That side of the Thames is mostly government and tourist areas near the river.  The other side, where the train station is located, is mostly commercial. 

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Buckingham Palace in the distance, then I zoomed in for a close up of the palace.  That's St. James Park in the foreground.

          London June 2006 034a.jpg (231256 bytes)  London June 2006 033a.jpg (181521 bytes)


One of the capsules on the Eye.  Each holds about 25 people.  I was lucky, there only being a dozen or so in my capsule.

London June 2006 040a.jpg (166036 bytes)  


Anyone ready for some nice walking tours around London?

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