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Now, it was time to hit the subway.  I wanted to relive some old memories from 1977, and Kensington Gardens would be a long walk.  I took "the Tube" to the stop nearest my destination.   In 1977, the tour I was with stayed at a hotel called "Inverness Court."  It was still there, and I wanted to see it again.  Here it is, and for comparison, the same hotel in a photo I took all those years ago.

London_2005 143a.jpg (237198 bytes)   Tour1-01a.jpg (69893 bytes)

Next, I crossed the street into Kensington Gardens, just as I did back then.  Here are my new pictures of this beautiful place, along with one photo I took here 28 years ago.  Beginning with the fifth picture, they were taken on the grounds of Kensington Palace, which was the home of Princess Diana.

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Now, back to the main part of the Gardens.

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Now, the delightful "Sunken Garden."  This area is on the grounds of Kensington Palace.

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Trip_1 170a.jpg (226160 bytes)  Trip_1 172a.jpg (259219 bytes)  London May 2006 012.jpg (246945 bytes)   London May 2006 013.jpg (246785 bytes)  London May 2006 014.jpg (222460 bytes)  London May 2006 015.jpg (233338 bytes)   London May 2006 016.jpg (220476 bytes)   London May 2006 017.jpg (257929 bytes)


London June 2006 111.jpg (256211 bytes)   London June 2006 112.jpg (247326 bytes)   London June 2006 113.jpg (240461 bytes)   London June 2006 114.jpg (230919 bytes)   





A view of the gardens - May, 2005, and taken from a similar angle in 1977.

London_2005 158a.jpg (271352 bytes)   Old Garden.jpg (168420 bytes)

And the bandstand, May, 2005 and in 1977

Trip_1 167a.jpg (166666 bytes)   Tour1-02a.jpg (124123 bytes)  

And in 2007

Here are newer photos I took in Kensington Gardens and my first photos of Kensington Palace, where Princess Diana lived.  I hadn't seen the structure up close since 1977.  Now, the front gates and fence are covered with tributes to the late princess, placed there by admirers.  Also, here are the  flowers in the sunken garden during different seasons of the year.



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