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We spent the night in Dundee, then headed for the Mecca of golfdom, St. Andrews Links.  It seems the game was invented here. It was a foggy day and my photos aren't that good.  Here they are.

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Next, we proceeded to Scone Palace, near Perth.  We were welcomed by a group of Peacocks and Peahens, then by a human guide, who took us on a tour of the palace.  We even got treated to shortbread and tea or coffee.  We couldn't take photos inside, but I have several of the exterior and the small chapel on the grounds.

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We went further south (we are definitely out of the Highlands) to Scotland's capital, Edinburgh.  We saw some of the same sights I remember from my 2001 tour of Ireland and Britain, but I have some new photos to share.  First, the former Royal Yacht Britannia.  The Queen gave up the boat when it became apparent that it would cost too much to renovate it.  It is now a tourist attraction at Edinburgh.  Here are photos including the queen's bedroom and the bedroom of her husband, The Duke of Edinburgh.

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Here are a few pictures around the city.  The first is a building lit up at night.  Then, several Georgian townhouses.  One shows an old gas light in front.  Robert Louis Stevenson once lived in the one with the red door.

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A featured attraction in Edinburgh is the old castle, built high upon an extinct volcano. I took a number of photos here in 2001, but here are some more, hopefully not many are duplicates.  All photos are inside the castle, which is built on several levels.

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And, that is all I have to show.  We did return to Glasgow for the last day of the tour, but I didn't take any pictures there.   



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