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The tour people met me at my hotel for the trip to Leeds Castle and Canterbury.  We went by bus, and there were quite a few of us this time.  Leeds Castle, near the village of the same name and about one hour from London, is 1000 years old, having been built by the Normans.  Of course, changes were made over the centuries, and some of the interior furnishings are rather modern looking.  Leeds has been called "the loveliest castle in Europe."  Perhaps it is.  Judge for yourself.  But first, I couldn't resist taking this picture of a pub we passed on the way out of London, or maybe we were in Greenwich at the time.

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Now, here is the castle and grounds.

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Some interior shots.  A flower show was going on at the time, so you will see some arrangements.

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Back on the grounds, a male peacock.  I later saw a white peahen walking across the road, but I couldn't get her picture.  Durn.

 London_2005 185a.jpg (208040 bytes)     

We made a stop in Dover, England, so people could see the famous "White Cliffs."  OK, here they are.  We are on the English Channel now, and it was just a bit too hazy to see France across the water.

London_2005 188a.jpg (142382 bytes)

Now, we are in the old city of Canterbury, some 60 miles from London.  The city is still partially surrounded by 1000 year old medieval walls, which you shall see later.  The main attraction here is the 12th Century cathedral where Thomas Becket was murdered in 1170.  Today, it is the seat of the head of the Church of England, the Archbishop of Canterbury.  Here are my pictures.

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Now, the medieval wall.


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That's all for this bus trip to several very interesting places.  Shall we go back to London now, and take a look at the wartime years?


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