Beijing assets research and consulting Co.,Ltd was founded in 1999.

    We invested the "China Fund" website(johncwv.com) in 1999. As a pioneer of professional Investment / Finance website in China mainland, the "China Fund" devotes her mind to provide the latest China Stock/Bond market and wide-ranging investment/finance information to our Chinese readers. Daily Fund Net Value Pulblishing / Fund Forum / Daily Finance Information have been the most popular columns. Daily true visit count is between 400,000 to 1 million. The "China Fund" has become one of the most popular finance and marketing website for investors in China. We'd like to set up strategic cooperation with investment/finance or business websites in other countries.

    As an professional research and consulting company, we have set up connections with many associations, engineers ,specialists and consultants in different industries in China.
    As a consultant , we provide the following services to oversea enterprise customers;

    Market investigation and study for customers' particular industry needs;
    A. China market actual state and trend report
    B. Potential suppliers' list
    C. Potential customers' list
    D. Relative association , media and channel for marketing and purchasing
    E. Give advise or perform as an agent for you to choose potential partners or vendors in China and help to set up connection with them.
    F. Perform as a agent for your company to visit customers or as an order supervisor for your vendors in China.
    G. Other service that you may concern.

    Chinese version website construction and maintenance
    A. to setup your company website in Chinese.
    B. to promote your business in most of the Chinese website searching engine. To make it easier for Chinese to find you.
    C. to promote your business in most of the popular professional industry portals in China and make more Chinese know your company and your business in your industry.

    We are the guide for your business with China.
    For more information, please contact with our oversea department.

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