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I think we had a better hotel in Vienna in 1977 than on the 2000 "Imperial Splendors" trip.  The place where we stayed was the Tourotel - later the Hotel Artis Tower.  The sightseeing was much the same on both tours.  Belvedere and Schonbrunn palaces, a tour of the city, etc.  My guide book says we also saw  Hofburg Palace.  We did the Grinzing wine village trip in the evening, as on the later tour.  We were in the city two nights, and several of us got together and decided to go the famous Vienna State Opera one night.  Our tour guide was not very happy to be given extra work, but he finally agreed to take us to the ticket counter that afternoon and help us purchase tickets.  The performance of Mozart's Don Giovanni was a real treat.  Here are some of my photos.  The first shot is from the bus, on the way to Vienna through the Italian Alps.  The others are Schonbrunn Palace and gardens, palace interiors (I don't remember which palace), flowers at intersections, the opera, and the famous fountain the locals built to hide the Russian War memorial.

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On Day 12, we headed westward across Austria to Salzburg.  Along the way, we took the boat ride from Krems to Melk, just as we did years later on the 2000 tour.  Here are some pictures from the boat.

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After we re-boarded our bus, we headed for our hotel, which was outside Salzburg.  It was the Pension Untersberg, and was quite picturesque.  This hotel still looks much as it did in 1977.  Hotel website:


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The next morning, we spent a few hours in Salzburg, the "Sound of Music" city.  It was raining, which put something of a damper on our sightseeing.  I have only three decent photos - the cathedral, the castle and Mozart's house.

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Now, Day 13, we headed for Munich, Germany.  We arrived in that city in the early afternoon.  I may have taken a few pictures, but I can't locate them.  Oh well, I have plenty of Munich photos on my 2000 tour page.  We did do the Hofbrauhaus beer hall that evening.  Our driver lost his way returning to the hotel, and several fellow tourists who had drunk considerable beer had to leave the bus, to heed the call of nature, before we finally arrived back at the Olympic Inn.  (There's no hotel by that name in Munich now, and no hotel listing for Schleissheimer Str. 188.)

On Day 14, we were on our way to Lucerne, Switzerland, by way of Lake Constance and Zurich.

 Let's head to Lucerne